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Could your organisation benefit from the latest advancements in AI? Are you struggling to hire experienced machine learning engineers and data scientists? Do you need help formulating a strategy and roadmap for data and AI? Are you concerned about competitors deploying AI-powered solutions?


Whatever the case, we want to help you achieve your objectives and extract value from data. Our data scientists and machine learning engineers can consider your individual use case and will create customized solutions, aligned with your unique business challenges and objectives.​

Some of the sectors where we have experience include:



Earth Observation






We can carry out machine learning projects in their entirety; from strategic consulting to development and deployment of AI software.


We work with innovators in two sports sectors to provide high-quality data and predictions from real-time data feeds.


About Us

About DataJavelin

The field of AI is evolving rapidly. Our mission is to help businesses successfully invest in AI and exploit this opportunity. The skills needed to do this are scarce and expensive.


At DataJavelin we have a passion for solving real-world problems and supporting businesses in their growth. By developing and delivering AI-powered software and technical solutions, we help our clients extract value from data. We work in close partnership with clients, delivering practical solutions in a timely fashion and aligned with their business goals. We deliver tools and solutions that are usable, scalable and affordable.

Our Story

All of the founders have a distinguished pedigree in R&D and extensive experience in developing models and algorithms. We came together as a group in the Astronomy department at the University of Sussex and started working with industry and the public sector on applied projects using our machine learning expertise.


In 2018 we decided to set-up a company to more effectively serve clients and pursue our passions.

Leadership Team

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Dr Philip Rooney

Chief Executive Officer

Philip has worked on a variety of different data analysis projects.  He developed astronomical image processing pipelines for the XMM Cluster Survey (XCS), a serendipitous X-ray galaxy cluster survey. He has since gone on to use his data analysis expertise to create predictive models which will help general practitioners (GPs) identify patients at high risk of dementia.


BSc Mathematics

MSc Cosmology

PhD Astronomy

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Dr Peter Hurley

Chief Technology Officer

Peter has a track record in providing statistical and data analysis for a range of interdisciplinary projects. He has 7 years of experience in data science and image processing including as project scientist and lead statistician for the Herschel Extragalatic Legacy Project (HELP), a multi-million pound project funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research.

MPhys Astrophysics

PhD Astronomy

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Colin Hayhurst

Chief Commercial Officer

Colin has over 25 years of experience developing and commercialising software products based on cutting edge R&D. He has co-founded two technology companies and achieved two successful exits to NASDAQ companies. He is a Y Combinator alumnus and has supported numerous technology startups and spin-outs in the private and university sectors since 2005.


MEng, Engineering Science & Business

FIMechE, Fellow of Institution of Mechanical Engineers.


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